EPISODE 7: Triggers in Relationships

Season #2

In this episode of the True Freedom Podcast, Bodhi and Richard explore the topic of Triggers in Relationships, with Bodhi defining a trigger as an external stimulus that provokes a strong emotional response. Even the most Zen of us get triggered on occasion and some of us spend a huge amount of time and energy in a triggered state. Why is this? What's going on with these triggers in our lives? Are people doing this to me or am I doing it to myself? How can we move away from this triggered pattern?  

The discussion covers...

- what are triggers and the relationship with emotional intelligence
- understanding and managing triggers for growth
- mindfulness, embodied presence and self-care
- understanding and managing masculine fears
- managing external triggers and emotions.

The True Freedom podcast is for male leaders as they navigate the journey of what it means to be a man with worldy responsibilities – marriage, mortgage, business and kids. The podcast will explore our relationships with the external world… including the primary relationship with our beloved; our relationships with our children as a parent; with our career and purpose; with money; with leadership; with others and, most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.


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