EPISODE 4: Resistance vs Flow

Season #2

In this episode of the True Freedom Podcast, Bodhi and Richard explore the topic of resistance vs flow in life. The discussion covers...

- the concept of resistance to life and the reasons behind it, including conditioning and fear of stepping out of comfort zones.
- what flow actually means, how to know that you're in it and how to get there. 
- the importance of stepping out of comfort zones for growth and learning, with a focus on the discomfort and fear that arises at the edge of one's comfort zone.
- the impact of resistance on energy levels and the potential for accessing more energy and passion by letting go of resistance.
- the transformation in relationships and personal energy when resistance is released, along with the impact on joy and playfulness.
- the distinction between physical tiredness and endless energy, emphasizing the ability to change one's state to access energy and joy.


The True Freedom podcast is for male householders as they navigate the journey of what it means to be a man with worldy responsibilities – marriage, mortgage, business and kids. The podcast will explore our relationships with the external world… including the primary relationship with our beloved; our relationships with our children as a parent; with our career and purpose; with money; with leadership; with others and, most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.


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