EPISODE 2: Masculine & Feminine

Season #2

In this episode of The True Freedom Podcast, Bodhi and Richard explore the concept of masculine and feminine energies, emphasizing these energies are not inherently tied to gender. The discussion explores how both men and women can access traits associated with both energies, drawing on examples from neuroscience and nature. The conversation highlights the importance of understanding and integrating both energies for healthy relationships and personal growth, ultimately aiming to dispel misconceptions and encourage a balanced approach to embracing these energies.

The True Freedom podcast is for male householders as they navigate the journey of what it means to be a man with worldy responsibilities – marriage, mortgage, business and kids. The podcast will explore our relationships with the external world… including the primary relationship with our beloved; our relationships with our children as a parent; with our career and purpose; with money; with leadership; with others and, most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.


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