EPISODE 7: Communication

Season #1

In this episode of the True Freedom Podcast we discuss communication - the communication and relationship we have with ourselves and with others. Whether you run your own business or you're a leader in a corporate environment, this podcast will be of great relevance to you.

We will answer the following questions and many more…

What is communication in relation to true freedom?
What sort of communication are we having/could we have with ourselves?
What are emotions and how can we better tune into our emotions?
What are the three ways we resist our emotions?
How can we become a more effective communicator?

This podcast is for male householders as they navigate the journey of what it means to be a man with worldy responsibilities – marriage, a mortgage, a business and kids. The podcast will explore our relationships with the external world… including the primary relationship with our beloved; our relationships with our children as a parent; with our career and purpose; with money; with leadership; with others and, most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.



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