EPISODE 1: True Freedom

Season #1

In this first episode of the true freedom podcast we define who the podcast is predominantly for and the territory we’ll be traversing – the map and tools.

We will answer the following questions and many more…

Why are we here?
What does true freedom mean?
Is this podcast only for men?
What themes will we shine a light on?
What are some practical tools to get listeners started on this journey?
How do I get a taste of this now?
When will I know I’m committed to change?

This podcast is for male householders as they navigate the journey of what it means to be a man with worldly responsibilities – marriage, a mortgage, a business and kids.

The podcast will explore our relationships with the external world… including the primary relationship with our beloved; our relationships with our children as a parent; with our career and purpose; with money; with leadership; with others and, most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.


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‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear
Joe Dispenza’s work
Eckart Tolle’s Work