TRAILER: True Freedom Podcast

Season #1

Welcome to True Freedom - a new podcast for you - if you are searching, longing, if you know there is something more you are looking for in your life.

I’m your host Richard Stokes - and our guide for this podcast is Bodhi Aldridge- transformational leadership coach, author and teacher.

Our intention is to Give Men a Voice to Their Inner Calling.

As the essential driver for the Masculine is True Freedom and it comes from the inside out. What is freedom? How do I experience freedom? And how do I meet my world - my marriage, parenting, leadership, business, my relationship with money - to really come from a place of freedom?

Join us fortnightly as we jointly explore a topic or a theme that is likely to matter to you and your life right now - as you progress on your own Heroes Journey.

I’ll put some questions to Bodhi and he’ll share his profound wisdom. This is our invitation to you and our offer is to provide a map to this territory or journey that you’re on and also to suggest some practical tools for how to best navigate it.

The True Freedom podcast launches on September 11th 2023 and is available on Apple Podcasts.

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Host/Producer: Richard Stokes 
Coach/Teacher: Bodhi Aldridge