£185.00 GBP

1-Day UK Retreat

Are you easily distracted and find it difficult being Present with yourself and others?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and from nature?

Do you question ‘Is this all there is?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’


A Nature-Based Journey from Presence and Purpose to Possibility...

Join us for a one day adventure in nature supporting you to be in the moment, connected to what is meaningful and to see the possibilities that exist for you and our world.

Join Steve Fuller and Bodhi Aldridge at Campwell Woods on Thursday 25th April for an eye-opening, heart-stretching, brain expanding experience. A chance for you to recalibrate and reimagine your personal and working life.

What you’ll gain:

  • Methods and approaches that will help you tune in to the here and now. Helping you to be more focused, less distracted and take a more balanced view of your current situation.
  • A tool to examine and explore your personal purpose. Guidance on how to answer the big questions around passion, talent and reward. And a helping hand to help navigate what your purpose means for your next steps.
  • Techniques to expand perspectives on what is available to you. Some heart and brain exercises that will support you to reconsider what’s possible. And a collection of What If questions to keep you constantly curious.

Spending time with a like-minded group of men enhances the transformation process, allowing participants to relate and grow through witnessing each other's challenges and breakthroughs. 

This day retreat is specifically designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing for more. A longing to become more Present with themselves, as Leaders, and with the ones they love. And a longing to experience greater meaning, purpose and possibility in life...