Understanding the
Masculine & Feminine



Would you like to create a long-term juicy relationship and a vibrant, thriving workplace?


I work a lot with male business owners and leaders who are married with a mortgage and kids, and one of the key questions that comes up is... 

‘How can I really understand the feminine?’

Many of them are confused, frustrated and leaning into resistance in their relationships.

They don’t have the tools and awareness to understand the feminine energy, to understand the masculine energy in themselves and to really create the juicy long-term relationships they’re looking for.

They’re also finding at work that they’re not creating vibrant workplaces where both men and women in their masculine or feminine energies can be seen, heard and bring their full value to the organisation.

Far beyond gender, theses energies run through all of us and once we identify them, understand them and access them we can bring so much more to our relationships both at home and in the workplace.

This Course gives fundamental information and distinctions about how the masculine and feminine energies operate and also practical tools and tips.

It includes frameworks of understanding, meditations, reflections and worksheets so please take your time after each video to go through these.

The reflections are an opportunity to consider how you show up and how you can enhance your relationship with your partner, your children and in the workplace.

After purchase you’ll have access for 12 months so you can watch and re-watch the videos as many times as you like; by yourself or with your beloved.

I hope you enjoy the Course!

Bodhi x


What's included

in the Course?


Understanding the Masculine

  • Learn how the masculine communicates
  • Learn what the masculine needs
  • Discover how an unhealthy or distorted masculine energy behaves
  • Learn what a healthy masculine energy looks like



Understanding the Feminine

  • Learn how the feminine communicates
  • Learn what the feminine needs

The Masculine & Feminine in Relationship

  • Learn how the masculine and feminine communicate in the workplace
  • Find out what triggers us in relationships and why
  • Discover the toolbox for change to reduce and eventually remove triggers
  • Discover the secrets to long-term juicy relationships

Foundation Frameworks 

Learn Bodhi's 5 Key Frameworks of understanding necessary for transformative change:

  • Comfort Zones
  • Filters / Meaning Making
  • Emotions
  • Context vs Content
  • The New Paradigm

I'm Bodhi Aldridge

My journey as a father, a grandfather, a lawyer, a coach and a facilitator has taken me across the world diving deep into traditional teachings and contemporary leadership development so that I could find my magnificence and bring those teachings to other men. My commitment to self-development, to life-long learning and to supporting men in business has allowed me to influence and support many organisations and leaders around the globe. I guide men to develop Presence, open their hearts, and integrate their masculine and feminine energy so they can start paying attention to what matters most. I live at the beach near Byron Bay with my wife, Amala, of 40 years and together we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren! 


Understanding the

Masculine & Feminine

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